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    Exploring the Island

    • Big Island Events Calendar
    • Big Island Map via Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
    • Hawaiian Walkways - Offering many ways to explore the island on foot, including personalized tours for visitors with special requirements.
    • 'Imiloa Astronomy Center - Now offering free wireless headsets for self-guided audio tours in English and Japanese, engaging visitors with interactive exhibits and shows on Hawaiian culture, navigation by the stars and today's astronomy. Japanese-speaking visitors can also now fully enjoy the Planetarium's signature show, "Maunakea: Between Earth and Sky," with the audio set translation. Visitors can adjust the volume, pause or repeat information. Available at the front desk upon admission.
    • Lava Ocean Adventures - Specializing in providing ultimate Hawaii Lava Tours by boat.
    • Native Guide Hawaii - Warren is a personable and knowleable guide. This is his informative blog page.
    • Zip Isle - Offering zip line adventures! Hang Loose and See Hawaii from a New Angle!

    Family Friendly Travel

    Volcano Links

    Local Kain*

    Other Interesting Links

    • Ageless Spine... destined to change the way we think about and inhabit our bodies
    • Center for Natural Alignment - “Standing up straight — it’s not what we’ve been taught!”
    • Kevin E. Lewis - Real Estate Agent and Taxes
    • Manago Hotel - clean, bright, inexpensive family-run hotel in Captain Cook, South Kona
    • Sappo Hill Soaps - Traditional kettle process  all vegetable oil soaps as provided in our cottages
    • Silver Oaks Ranch - 10-acre, gated Bed and Breakfast estate located just five miles from Kailua-Kona
    • Tropical Hideaway - charming retreat in rural South Kona
    • Ululoa - Hawaiian music CD production company on Maui

    Hawai‘i’s Birds

    • Sounds Hawaiian - Recordings of Hawai‘i’s bird song/calls. Birders and Ornithologists, take note!

    From or About Former Guests

    * Dakain means “the best [kind]”, when stressed, but is also used to mean “the thing being discussed” or if you can’t think of something’s name, “you know . . . dakain!”. It’s more commonly spelled “da kine”. “Kain” is pronounced like fine and means “kind” or “sort” and is, again, more commonly spelled “kine”.

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